TVPad 3 M358 vs TVPad 2 M233 comparison review

I think a lot of people will be interested in comparing TVPad 3 to TVPad 2. Personally I think it is similar to compare new iPhone and the older iPhone, and at this point I don’t think TVPad will have a huge change in the unit itself. Although the look of the unit and the remote has changed completely, most of the specs are similar.

Device type TVPad 3 M358 TVPad 2 M233  
Firmware 4.08 3.8  
CPU Dual Cortex-A9 Cortex-A5  
Dimensions 100x100x23(mm) 104x104x28 (mm)  
Remote Control New responsive remote that is smaller and respond much better Large remote with less response  
New Features VOIP (A-T111 VoIP USB Telephone) and more interactive games Interactive Games  
Price $259 $229  

Honestly I can’t even get the USB phones as of now, even on their official site they are not selling the phones yet. Also I don’t have a clear answer on whether the VOIP international calls are free or not, so I will keep you updated!

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