TVB app works on TVPad 2 M233

I have tested 粵海寬頻, 粵海時移, and 港粤快看 on the new TVPad 2 M233 with firmware v3.7, and they all work fine.

Again, TVPad 2 does not have TVB related apps installed on their default setting. You have to find it online and install it by yourself with your own risk until the lawsuit is over. Personally I uninstalled it after I tested it because I don’t watch TVB too much.

6 thoughts on “TVB app works on TVPad 2 M233

  1. Ricky

    as what you said you tested that few apps for tvb, and i want to know how can i intsall them at the first place?

    1. tvpad2-fans Post author

      Ok, I think many people have asked me the same question and I would like to clarify that I don’t provide any TVB apps on my site. You can go to ClubTVPad or TVPadfans Forum and check if they have it.

  2. Ah So

    Do you know if there is something wrong with 粵海寬頻2? The archive history record bit of the app seems to have no uploads on the previous 2 days worth of shows …. Anyone know why?


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