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Tips for general troubleshooting on TVPad2

1) When you see “USER DOES NOT EXIST or can not be Authenticated” errors, most likely the Internet is down. Please check if there is “!” in the network icon at the bottom right hand corner. If there is no “!” sign, go to system setting and then network setting. Click “get it now” again to restart the IP address and see if TVPad can refresh and get the new IP address.

2) Streaming video froze in the middle – either the internet connection is slow or the hosting server is slow during the peak time when everybody is watching at peak time. Stop the video, then click play again, then choose “resume” video and sometimes it can fix the issue

3) If you use Ethernet Powerline adapter, if possible, please plug into the power jack on the wall instead of a power strip. Sometimes power strip also works, but I have found the best performance with wall jack.

4) Please do not rely on Wifi connection for TVPad2. I know this is frustrating, but 80% of my customers’ complaints come from Wifi connection. Basically the problem is resolved when they start using wired connection with CAT5 cable.

5) Sometime TVB shows from 港粤快看 will be cut off for no reasons. You really can’t do anything on this except switching to 粵海寬頻2 where they have recorded up to 3 days of shows.