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New URL for New TVPad2 apps download (v3.7 only)

This place has some really good & new apps for TVPad2 with v3.7 only. The best one I like is 聚合网视 and 粤海宽频2


Update: Just downloaded 聚合网视 and installed it on my TVPad2 successfully. However, it doesn’t have TVB channels. It has up to 37 live TV channels from China though. Also, the channels don’t seem to work, so I am a bit disappointed =( Oh well….

New Powerful TVB App 聚合網視 Video Demo

If you can still download this app and be able to play then you are very lucky =)

I have mentioned about 聚合網視 in my last post and this app basically groups all the Chinese Live TV Channels into one app, and it includes TVB as well! Super awesome!

TVPad2 M233 apps and games for firmware 3.7x download

I have received many questions about where to download apps for Cantonese programs and how to install apps from USB drive. I hope this post can answer this clearly. I will give some sample games and apps here for you to download and test:

1. You must download this quick install utility and save this in the root of your USB drive along with other .pkg apps. Continue reading