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How to Fix The User Not Exist error

I have been receiving a lot of emails whenever there’s a down time with TVPad Server. I think the post from 51tvpad.com pretty much can answer most of the questions I got regarding to “User Not Exist” error. First of all you need to check if your internet connection is good. Secondly, check the Green Man icon. If the icon is not active, that means your TVPad Mac Address is not on TVPad server and either TVPad server is down, or it is too full that it can’t handle all the requests. Please leave your TVPad on all the time and wait until the Green Man is up.


“In those day, couple of tvpad users has been bothering by the green man on the right bottom of the screen. The turth is tvpad servers were attacked by hack, and some of the devices were not authenticated.how to fix the “user is not exist” error? My solution is :

1. Go to “setting tab” in tvpad

2.Enter in “Network Setting” and Change your DNS to, and press ok to save your setting.

3. This is not 100% guarantee to fix, but most of the users said it works.

4.Do not turn off your tvpad until the issue is totally resolved by official.”

Thoughts about TVPad Server Outage Issue Part II

Another server down issue from TVPad while I am on vacation. I am as frustrated as other users since I received tons of emails, calls and comments while I suppose to enjoy my holiday break.

I just want to share a great comment by ClubTVPad on their FB page. Well said:

“Our take on the recent TVpad server outage: We believe TVpad has sold so many units around the world that their authenticating servers can not handle the traffic, thus crashing their servers. I guess this is a good thing for the popularity of TVpad, but bad for our customers. It also seems whenever there is a big holiday like Xmas and thanksgiving an outage is almost expected. TVpad HK really need to improve their network infrastructure to handle more users if they want to continue to be successful. In the mean time, iPlayer would be a nice backup when TVpad is down.”


I have no idea why TVPad did not improve their network infrastructure and security after the first attack on Oct 1st, and if they keep doing that the users will be upset. iPlayer will be a good backup but still TVPad needs to provide better service to regain people’s confidence.

Server is still down as of 12/28

TVPad Server is still down in some areas.

UPDATE – It is the same problem as last time when their servers were attacked. I have contacted them and they are trying hard to fix it.(It is Sunday there) Please do not turn off your TVPad and leave it on, you might be able to get back online tomorrow.

Again, all I can do is to contact TVPad and I already tried my best to call them. Please do not ask me to fix anything as I am not a TVPad employee working in China!!

MORE UPDATE – I think ClubTVPad FB page has good information about the server down issue:


TVPad is down again

*Update – Should be all fixed by now on their end 11/14/2013 5pm PST

I can’t get the green man either. Looks like they are down again. Will contact TVPad today and see what’s going on.

Here is what happened in Chinese:


Thoughts about the server down issue

These few days the server down issue is really driving me nuts and I had been receiving tons of emails and calls regarding to people asking for help. Definitely I will try my best as I can to help, but sometimes please understand that I am only one of the resellers, and I don’t run TVPad Servers. Some inquires are even getting hostile and personal that it is totally not even necessary by all means. I understand that people are frustrated and really want to get it fixed, but we should try to solve the problem in a professional way.

I was sitting at home all day just trying to update what is going on and making sure if I get the latest fix I will post immediately. I already did my best and I am glad that most of the servers are now up and running again. Some people are even more interesting that they were complaining I sold them defective products but when I asked them to show me the invoice number they can’t and they just hanged up the phone. If you didn’t buy from me and you think your TVPad is defective, please go back to the seller you bought from and complain to them, not coming to me for no reasons. I am a certified seller and I have been doing my best to provide good service.

After this incident, I was actually happy that TVPad has been indeed very influential now for the Asian community in the whole world. The amount of people looking for fixes and help is tremendous! I never thought of this incident will be this big and it also shows that TVPad is dominating right now and competitions are doing their best to bring TVPad down. THey are very smart that they have chosen the right time to attack during the Chinese National Weekend. Two years ago when TVPad 1 came out, who would have thought about this?

Hot New fixes to User Does Not Exist Error

Ok, this is not 100% guarantee fixes for the server down issue, but it fixed my TVPad2:

1) Go to setting on the left nav
2) Click on Network Setting
3) Change your DNS to
4) Click OK. Wait until the “Successful” message popup
5) Now Power off your TVPad. Plug/unplug the power cable. Restart
6) If the man green man is showing up, then it is working

I believe that most of the servers are hacked and this 61.139 server might be the only available one so far. Hopefully this server can stay up for a while

However, it doesn’t work on my TVPad M121S =(