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World Cup Schedule 2014 – Group B

Dear footy fans,

Here we go again! We have exactly 60 days until kick-off!


TVB is going to be broadcasting the matches, LIVE. If you have the apps to access TVB on your TVPad, you’re good to go.


Here is the schedule for Group B:

Group B
Date – Time (PDT) TIME (EDT) Match
13/06  – 12:00 15:00 Spain - Netherlands
13/06 – 15:00 18:00 Chile - Australia
18/06 – 09:00 12:00 Australia - Netherlands
18/06 – 12:00 15:00 Spain - Chile
23/06 – 09:00 12:00 Netherlands - Chile
23/06 – 09:00 12:00 Australia - Spain

Spain and Netherlands are two very strong teams, but there is more than just that to Group B.

Australia is in a tough spot right now. Their team hasn’t been flooded with talent over the years, and their shortcomings are becoming especially worrisome. With Mark Schwarzer retired and Lucas Neill in his twilight years, Australia’s defense would need to perform beyond their class if their were to stop the Chilean attack, let alone the Spanish and Dutch. With a severe lack of talent up front, Australia has been forced to play the aging Tim Cahill there, with no real support from midfield. They would need to come up with extreme creativity to pry open the rest of this group.

Chile has grown to be stronger in the recent years, especially with young talents such as Mauricio Isla (defence), Arturo Vidal (midfield), and Alexis Sanchez (forward) performing consistently and superbly for both club and country. Isla aside, however, Chile has no real defensive stronghold, especially in the middle. The attack-oriented Spanish and Dutch will no doubt exploit that weakness.

Netherlands is blessed with a decent pool of strong players in almost every position, and historically they are expected to perform on the world stage. Their current first choice center backs could be a vulnerability, though, and manager Van Gaal might have to be extra creative in team selection in order to utilize the appropriate players in the appropriate games, keeping his key players fresh and injury free. That said, with players like Kevin Strootman, Nigel de Jong, Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, and Robin van Persie, Netherlands can be one of the most exciting teams to watch in this World Cup.

Spain, the holding champions, will face a tough test this year. Specifically, their formerly “unplayable” tiki-taka style has been successfully decoded by many opposing teams in recent games. FC Barcelona, who shares most of its core players and tiki-taka philosophy with the Spanish national team, has been continually exposed and beaten. Spain will need to change things up in order to avoid defeats from teams that are defensively balanced, strong on the wings, and deadly if given space – namely, in this group, the Netherlands. The flexibility and pace of the Dutch are a real threat to tiki-taka. Optimistically, the addition of Diego Costa to the team might be a sign that Spain is entertaining the option to play a real striker up front, instead of a false nine, and therefore a (slightly) different system.

So, what is your say? Who do you think will win the group? Voice your opinions in the comments below.

Meanwhile, with all that said about Spain, let us take a look at tiki-taka in all its glory:

World Cup Schedule 2014 – Group A

O joy o joy,

For those of us soccer – or FOOTY – fans….we can wait no longer. With spring around the bend, we are already looking forward to summer.

It’s the World Cup, and it’s happening in the world’s hottest, most passionate nation – Brazil.

If you haven’t already booked your flight and game tickets, you’re probably too late to do that.

Well the good news is – TVB is going to be broadcasting them, LIVE. If you have the apps to access TVB on your TVPad, you’re good to go.

So, leading up to the opening day, I have decided to write a weekly post for you, one for each Group from A to H. My posts will include a LIVE TV SCHEDULE, followed by a short analysis of the group.

Here is the schedule for Group A:

Group A
Date – Time (PDT) TIME (EDT) Match
12/06  – 13:00 16:00 Brazil - Croatia
13/06 – 09:00 12:00 Mexico - Cameroon
17/06 – 12:00 15:00 Brazil - Mexico
18/06 – 15:00 18:00 Cameroon - Croatia
23/06 – 13:00 16:00 Cameroon - Brazil
23/06 – 13:00 16:00 Croatia - Mexico

This can be a very exciting group – and it’s not going to be all about Brazil.

Brazil, of course, has a huge advantage playing on home soil. Passion, climate, and fans play massive roles in big games. Star player Neymar has had a mixed season at Barcelona, but his performances for the national team have been ever stronger. One thing for sure, is that manager Scolari will have no shortage of talent to choose from, but I believe that finding the right selection for central midfield will be key, as the mercurial Brazilian attack will need solid defensive coverage as well as creative support.

Cameroon is another team that could benefit from the hot climate of Brazil, as their stamina continue to be a problem in big tournaments. Veteran striker Samuel Eto’o has been on fire for Chelsea as of late, and if he carries his form into the World Cup, Cameroon will be a genuine threat. The young Joël Matip is also tipped to shine.

Croatia will most likely be relying on the creative talent of Luka Modrić in midfield, combining with the big Mario Mandžukić up front. Their defense can be vulnerable, however, especially against experienced strikers like Eto’o and the Brazilian attacking force. Good organization and tactics will be key for Croatia.

Mexico could be a problematic team this year, as the form of their star players has been severely affected by club performances. This is especially apparent in Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. He is central to the Mexican attack, and yet his current opportunities seem limited at Manchester United. Mexico will need good physical management for its players, as well as strong teamwork, if it were to replicate its form back in 2010.

What are your opinions? Who do you think will win the group? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Meanwhile, enjoy an unofficial preview video for the Big Game:



New Cantonese Apps Download for TVPad 2 and 3

As long as your firmware version is 3.7 or above, you can install these Cantonese apps that feature Hong Kong TV programs.

New Cantonese TV TVPad Apps

1) First you need to download and unzip this file cantonese-tv-apps to your USB Flash Drive

2) Make sure your USB Flash Drive is FAT or FAT 32 formatted. If not then you can do a quick format in Windows (Right click->format) Continue reading

World Cup 2014 on TVPad and iPlayer

World Cup 2014 is coming soon and we are so excited for the free games we can watch on TVPad and iPlayer. TVB in HK already announced “the 22 matches to be broadcast on TVB’s five free channels – Jade, Pearl, J2, iNews and HD Jade – are the opening match, 16 group stage matches, two quarter-finals, the two semi-finals and the final. The opening and closing ceremonies will also be shown.”

So we can watch free World Cup on TVB using 粵海寬頻(Live TV), 粵海時移(12 hrs playback), 粵海寬頻2_(3 days playback)

At the same time, CCTV enjoys exclusive ownership of broadcast rights and sub-licensing rights, rights for video on demand, rights for audio on demand and their sub-licensing rights via television, radio, new media (including the Internet, mobile phone and all other new media platforms) for Confederations Cup, Women’s World Cup, Beach Soccer World Cup, Futsal Indoor Soccer World Cup and other various events organized by FIFA during 2010 World Cup and 2014 World Cup.

We can watch CCTV Sports Playback on BETV2 and Sports Online. Awesome! I will post a schedule later when ready.

TVPad3 M358 vs iPlayer i5 Comparison Reviews

Ok, so far the recent hot topic is – TVPad or iPlayer for Christmas Gift this year? That’s right, after I introduced the iPlayer i5, it’s been crazy amount of people asking me about the difference between iPlayer and TVPad. Personally, in my humble opinion, if you want to buy a gift for your parents or grand parents just for Live TV channels, you should get TVPad since there are apps that can playback the shows up to 3 days back.

* Update – 11/7/2013 – By default iPlayer does not have Google Play installed, but there’s a way to do that. I will update soon.
For now, iPlayer does not have that, but it has 80 free channels with more English channels like ESPN (huge for me), BBC, CNN, NBAHD, etc. If you are more technical savvy and comfortable with Android apps, then you should get iPlayer just for the hell of it. Come on, you can install any android apps you want: Netflix, FB, Angry Birds, etc. If you have a Netflix account, now you can watch English and Asian TV and movies all in one box!! Plus you can also hook up a wireless USB keyboard and mouse, so it is like a computer where you can surf online anytime. Also, it is $215 vs $259, so you make the choice!

Device type TVPad 3 M358 iPlayer i5  
OS TVPad Own OS Android 4.2  
Live TV Channels HK, China, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian HK, China, Taiwanese, ESPN, NBAHD, CNN, HBO, BBC free channels + 40 more paid channels  
Hardware/Accessories Only Remote Control and Gaming Remote;TF Card Slot Compatible with any USB keyboards and mouse (4 USB ports);SD card slot up to 32GB  
New Features (others don’t have) VOIP (A-T111 VoIP USB Telephone);Apps that can playback TV shows up to 3 days back More English Channels – BBC, CNN, ESPN;Compatible with any Android Apps: Netflix, FB, Skype, Youtube, Angry Bird, etc (if Google Play is installed);Surf internet with Web Browser like Chrome  
Price $259 $215  

iPlayer i5 is here!

This new Android based iptv/digital media player is awesome! It has 80 free live TV Channels including TVB, CCTV, Taiwanese TV, NHK (Japanese), etc. Also, there are more Bonus English Channels that TVPad does not have: ESPN, HBO, NBAHD, BBC, etc… WOW!

It has 4 USB ports that allow you to hook up wireless USB keyboard and mouse, 1 SD card slot (Compact Flash), 1 TF card slot (supports up to 32GB). It is definitely a complete set of media player that let you play any files you like on you own.

You can use their default browser to surf online, just like a regular web browser. If you don’t like their browser, you can install Chrome from Google Play Store! There are million apps you can choose from Android stores and you can even play android games, go on Facebook, download music and many more! I will make a demo of how to install iPlayer soon!

The price is only $215! Please go to

Here are all the channels in spreadsheet (google doc)

Basically Ch 1-80 is free for life time, the other channels are optional and they are NOT free.

iPlayer i5iPlayer i5iPlayer i5iPlayer i5