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Chinese Drama Apps on TVPad

Hot Chinese Dramas

Features the hottest dramas in China.  Ex: 甄嬛傳 (The Legend of Zhen Huan)

Chinese Dramas Collection

Huge collection of Chinese Dramas.  Most of them is made in China, and you basically can find anything you can think of, including some legendary dramas. Ex: 雍正王朝 (Yongzheng Dynasty), 康熙王朝 Kangxi Dynasty

Chinese live TV apps on TVPad

Many people have asked me which app on TVPad show live Chinese TV. Here is the list:

516 tv


Live Streaming TV from Taiwan. Most channels show programs in Mandarin.


Live streaming Sports Channel. Most channels are from China and CCTV. They have very good live coverage in Soccer and NBA.


Live streaming TV from all over the cities in China: Shanghai, Canton, Beijing, etc

Below is a good summary of which Chinese channels will be featured in the apps. However, please ignore TVB and other Hong Kong related channels as they are being removed as of now. I think in TVPad 2 there will be one app that features Cantonese programs only. (ATV Hong Kong will be back in that TVPad 2 app)

Chinese channels list

What is your favorite TVPad app so far?

My favorite app on TVPad so far is actually the new Karaoke and the old movie app. I have been wanting to have my own Karaoke system at home for a loooong time, but the problem is the songs. There are machine out there that store a lot of songs, but it is expensive and bulky.

TVPad 2 will definitely extend the Karaoke collection. I am very excited to connect TVPad 2 to my home theater system and I can sing all night long!

Please tell me your favorite TVPad app by commenting below =)

TVPad 2 does not have TVB channels by default

Some of my friends asked me about whether TVPad 2 will have TVB channels, and the answer is NO on the default setting. I know that many Cantonese speaking buyers only get TVPad for TVB streaming, but I can tell you that TVPad is more than just TVB.

Personally I don’t watch TVB as much, but I know that a lot of people still watch it. On the current TVPad M121S, they already took down the apps that can stream TVB programs because of the lawsuit filed by TVB, so don’t expect anything related TVB will be installed on TVPad 2.

So why do we still want to buy TVPad without TVB? Well, again, TVPad is more than just streaming TV. I think in the future in the TVPad store, we will have a massive collection of apps that can do more than just streaming. You can play games, making long distance calls, and Karaoke at home. In addition, in the next 10 years, I believe that many people will be streaming only on their TVs without subscription to cable, (just look at Netflix and AppleTV) and TVPad is the first hardware that focused on this part of Asian TV streaming, so there is huge potential for TVPad for the future. TVB is only a small issue in my opinion, and I think they will be on board once they duke out a deal or a contract that benefit both parties.

You know it, and we know it…cable is dying and let’s get on this streaming train as early as we can!