Voice and Audio out of sync on TVPad 4 M418

Many of us have noticed that the audio sometimes can be out of sync due to the fact that all videos have high resolution so the amount of the video data is doubled. This is one of the drawback of watching TVPad 4 with high quality videos. My friend’s parents are suffering with AT&T slow DSL and they have to switch back to TVPad 3.

For a temp fix, what I will do is to pause the program for like 1-2 mins and then play again and sometimes this would fix it temporarily. I have comcast at home so it is not a huge problem for me but I know this is a major issue for TVPad 4. However, I love the new OS on TVPad 4 which it separated TVB, China, HKTV programs in 3 different apps and it is much more organized. The movies app is also very updated with new Asian and Hollywood movies, which I am very satisfied.

I will suggest to TVPad manufacture to let users choose options of play high resolution / lower resolution videos in the future TVPad 5, so users with different bandwidth can choose.